Education is all about departures,
when things are right
nobody comes home the same.
~Stephen Dunn


I am glad that you dropped by

As with any blog, this site will always be in a state of construction as are each of our lives!  My goal is to provide information and tools so other Progressive Christians can more effectively teach, preach, and live out our faith together!

Here are my five latest posts:

    • A New Year’s Prayer

      I prayer I wrote some years ago for use in worship at First United Methodist in Wichita Falls, Texas.  The closing part of the prayer includes John Wesley’s covenant prayer: Read more →

    • Pooled Ignorance?

      I winced (kind of like I just winced as I typed the title). My shock was apparently obvious as he followed up his comment. “I know it’s kind of crude, Read more →

    • Hope Against Darkness: A Book Review

      I was working for Pep Boy in Irving, Texas while going to college, and the radio was always on in the store. The station was usually chosen by the manager Read more →

    • Growing Into New Life

      When I was about 4, we had just moved “out to the country,” and my parents wanted to grow a garden. The problem was that the soil there at our Read more →

    • Letters to Pope Francis – A Book Review

      Imagine a “saw-horse” oil well pump looking first to the ground, then to the sky, and back again – over and over. That’s about how Dr. Machado looked as she Read more →

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