The Spirit is wider-ranging than the explicit knowledge of God through Christ and goes where Christ is yet to be know. But the Spirit is not independent of Christ. Not only are the persons of the Trinity united in all their works ad extra, but the God who acts through the Spirit is the God whom Christ reveals as loving, who seeks out human beings where they are.
~Theodore Runyon

A Prayer for Resurrection

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O God, we read in the Bible how You never change,
and yet we look around our lives,
and it seems that ALL we see is change.
We are thankful O God that you are the one constant
in our lives that can keep us on track
against so much that would throw us off track.

O God, we all experience change.
Some change is good:
We get a new job or a new task that we enjoy; or
We meet that special someone; or
We have a child; or
We get a new house; or
We get healthy.

Of course, some change is bad:
We lose a job; or
Our task at work changes to something we don’t enjoy; or
We lose a loved one; or
We lose our home; or
We lose our health.

And yet, whether change is good or bad,
it can still be difficult as life is no longer the same.
Thus, we are in need of new life with hope.
We need resurrection.
We need You, O Lord, to breathe the Spirit of Life
into us again to help us to cope.
We need Your grace that can,
if we are willing,
lift us up to face the challenges of life.
All thing, O God, are possible with You,
and in that promise, we take comfort.

O God, we pray such a resurrection of new life
for those who are in the hospital.
May they experience new life in their health.

We also pray for such a resurrection of new life
for those who have lost love ones.
May they experience new life
through the process of their grieving.

O God, it is in Your grace that we pray.

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