Our faith is vain and self-centered if it only brings blessing for us or to us.
It also must result in blessing that flows through us to the world.
~Brian D. McLaren


I am a United Methodist Christian Educator striving to share thoughts and ideas on how to teach and preach progressive Christian ideas, which I think go back to the teaching and example of Jesus and the Apostle Paul (and other early followers of Jesus and “the Way”).  The purpose, of course, is not to spoon-feed information for readers to accept blindly but to add another voice – another point of contact – that one can then internalize in their hearts, souls, and minds to compare and contrast, to add to and take away.  The purpose is to, hopefully, help spark growth to be nurtured and to grow into the “full stature of Christ.”

Many of the posts and information you’ll find here are:

  • Things that have been helpful to me in teaching;
  • Particular “ah-ha” moments or insights I’ve had while studying, teaching, or experiencing God in some special way;
  • Particular questions or requests of friends about particular topics; and
  • “Rants” about aspects of theology – often how it has been applied in our current culture.

I am indebted to:

I’m not asking you to agree with me on everything, but I do ask that you keep an open mind in hopes that what I write might help you better define your own thoughts and beliefs.

Questions, comments, or recommendations?  e-Mail me!

Troy Sims

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