To pretend that our histories are absolute or inerrant is a mistake, but to ignore the power of our fallible traditions to inform, enrich, criticize, and transform the present is a grave mistake, too. In fact, we are historically formed. . . .
To live today - knowledgeably, reflectively, self-critically - bringing into our time the redemptive resources of biblical reflection and practice
is to be a progressive Christian.
~Delwin Brown

Progressive Tools

Bible Reading Tips
Reading the Scriptures is one of the most important things we can do in our spiritual lives to grow in our faith.  Below are different tips or techniques that one can use in studying Scripture.  No one way is correct, and one can grow even more by studying Scriptures using multiple techniques.

Useful Tables, Charts, & Lists
The following files (in pdf format) may provide insight into your study of Scripture.

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